By the sun and his glorious splendor; by the moon as she follows him; by the day as it shows up the sun’s glory; by the night as it conceals it; by the firmament and its wonderful structure; by the earth and its wide expanse; by the soul, and the proportion and order given to it; and its enlightenment as to its wrong and its right; truly he succeeds that purifies it, and he fails that corrupts it.” (91:1-10 the Holy Qur’an)

I write prose from a poetic dimension that depicts existential realities we all encounter at different stages of the journey.

In essence, these spiritual expressions aim at encouraging and honoring the souls who, amidst the vanity of an ego-driven chaotic world, are still concentrated upon the tender force of Truth, Love and Peace.

The subjects addressed are all interconnected but organized here in alphabetical order. New essays will progressively be added … inshAllah.

~ Academia Folly ~ Art & the Mystery of Light ~ Art in Islam ~ The Artist’s Hands and Heart ~ Arts and Traps of Worldly Ascension ~ Beloved Nobodies ~ Blessings of Marriage ~ Corridor of Gracefulness ~ Cosmic Islamic Spectacle ~ Creativity ~ Creation of Visual Sufi Poetry ~ Creativity and Corporations ~ Culture of Fragmentation ~ Desire ~ Education System Mis-educates ~ Divine Unity ~ Ego’s Desire to Control Emotions ~ Enlightened Beings ~ Extraction of Islam from the Muslim Genius Work ~ Fallacy of Competition ~ Failing Remembrance ~ Freedom ~ Friendship ~ Gift of Divine LoveGlorification of Mediocrity ~ Holiness of Breath ~ Imposition of Authentic Value ~ Inner Palace ~ Inspiration: Quranic Verses ~ Institutionalized Falsehood ~ Intimacy and Its Continuity ~ Like a Veiled Woman ~ Love ~ Love is a Shattering Beauty ~ Mapanes’ Nobleness ~ Materialism ~ Nature Offense of Commercialism in Sacred Arts ~ Oneness of Religions ~ Open Door to Infinity ~ Our Jihad: Our Struggle ~ Pearl of Religion: Spirituality ~ Poetry and SoulPraying and Meditation ~ Prophets’ Footprints ~ Purpose ~ Romance of Islam ~ Sacred Looseness ~ Sacredness of Womanhood ~ Silence ~ Spiritual Destitution ~ Stars ~ Supreme Sustenance ~ True Triumphant Beauty Union: Woman and Men ~ Virtues of Slow Rhythm & Stillness ~ Unlawful Systematization ~