Artistic creation is one of the most moving act human beings could ever experience. As our deepest nature is to be egoless, creativity can be a medium through which we can rediscover the humbling state of the soul’s return to the Source.

Being moved to Inspiration brings unthinkable comfort to the soul, it heals not only the artist but also those who contemplate his work. The truest artist is he who first worked at purifying his heart so that the impressions received, which become the work we admire, uplift and move the souls of his audience to higher consciousness as well. Art was meant for us to celebrate the beauty, harmony, perfection and the Divine Order the soul truly aspires to convey while journeying in a trying world.

True art is an expression of wisdom which stirs in us the memory of our lost Helysium. Very often artists experience much suffering, a preliminary step toward fusing with the grace behind the act of creation as pain is the only way to lessen the ego and attune the heart to the immaculateness the soul longs to manifest.

Thus those who strive to express their highest, innermost impressions in any way, shape or form are most likely to reflect true love in an ego-driven world that shamelessly prides itself in resisting the gifts, openness and splendor of the soul. All divinely inspired artworks are drops-reflections of the bliss our soul is immersed into.

© 2007 Touré Aïda