Culture of Fragmentation

The current culture of fragmentation, which consists of dis-unifying the whole, the oneness of all phenomena, reflects a clear lack of reverence for the Divine Order that regulates all life. This usurping culture perpetuates itself by modifying, fragmenting the intrinsic nature of beings, its practice devalues the Life Force in order to subdue, to subjugate it with the goal to better exploit it. The culture of fragmentation, which is observed by the systems of falsehood, denies the totality of existence, it targets the divine Spark that pervades humanity. How lowly it actually is to strive to subdue that which is sustained by The Creator of all Worlds! Yet it is the ideology behind all man-made systematizations that have arisen from the dis-ease of covetousness, material power, domination, excessive materialism, exploitation, greed; all manifestations of the darkened heart.

Thus the culture of fragmentation schemes against the order of Life itself. In its misguidance and aversion for Truth, it seeks to impose its false notions to humankind, infiltrating institutions that were supposed to serve the evolution and development of human souls: the only force that could defeat it. In highly advanced ancient civilizations, the goal of life was for the collectivity to cultivate Wholeness therefore the structures of these societies reflected this noble goal. Wouldn’t it be a sign of reverence for Divine Unity if societies strove to reflect the Harmony He bestowed on the entire Cosmos? Yet the world’s establishment seems to diligently do just the opposite: isn’t it the purest reflection of backwardness?

A sane civilization whose consciousness embraces authentic spiritual principles would externally mirror Harmony and not so much division, chaos and intolerance encouraged by institutions that train human beings to internalize and then to outwardly impose to their children that same culture of fragmentation they are the victims of. From being born whole and harmonious, children end up being fragmented as well and they carry the burden that comes with such a state of disconnection which atrophies the manifestation of their innate full potential. This phenomenon is observed in varied fields: religious, academic, artistic …etc… For instance how is it possible that “religious” institutions that claim to represent The Most High train their adherents to repress their spirituality, to absolve it from their religious experience? Does it make any sense to claim to be “religious” and yet to clearly lack spirituality and thus tolerance in one’s own actions? It is the same unfortunate pattern with the education system where those who were supposed to educate the youth rather corrode their individuality and independent thinking, which eventually fragments them thus they learn to limit themselves and not expand; this is what happens when the system’s main motivation is financial profit.

Our current societies discourage the expression of spiritual Intelligence which would allow us to understand that there is no separation between science, art, religion, spirituality, astronomy, cosmology …etc… the highly advanced ancient civilizations acknowledged this fact and impetuously celebrated it. Human beings did not excel in just one field of activities because they had a higher sense of purpose which was to manifest their Wholeness, they were motivated by profound aspirations and not material, temporal gain therefore mathematicians could also be astronomers, philosophers, musicians, poets, sages, artists, healers all at the same time; their talents were serving the evolution of their communities whose welfare was the priority.

With the divine consciousness instilled in us through the process of our creation, had we preserved reverence and love for The Most Majestic, it would have been tangible in our establishments. How could there be so many wealthy so-called “religious” institutions and at the same time such poverty and suffering in the world when all religions’ Message is to alleviate all man-made suffering… Isn’t our fellow-beings’ suffering our own? We have been so fragmented that our hearts no longer feel other hearts’ suffering. How great are the deception and fragmentation if the divine culture of Unity in multiplicity itself becomes inwardly inaccessible to us!

Let us shun the excrescent culture of fragmentation that dis-empowers, confuses and exploits the masses of men, let us shun this ego dis-ease that has enforced itself for centuries for, it leads to destruction, dis-order; spiritual apathy: the only true form of death.

© 2008 Aïda Touré

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