Divine Unity

autumn_leavesBismillah… there are parted curves of being yet spiritual emotions flow from body to body, from breath to breath, do you see our oneness? There are infinite ways to experience this, just like the kiss that conveys the Sun’s secrets to the lovers…

Now the poets’ pen lays on the floor, souls departed from the world, yet another child will be birthed to hold that same pen, to know that same Breath that squeezes out the same old golden ink! My love do you see the continuity in all this?

Observe the leaf fall from its branch, gracefully and with perfection, only to remind you of your own constant fall in Surrender~Islam wherever you are, there is no escaping from this bliss! I wish I could sit by you and count with you these myriads of glittering Pearls here, there, within, without, everywhere, exhibiting how wild and cosmic this intimacy is! Gather your true self and come, hold some hand, leap inside of this sweet, sweet Music our souls shed, attune my dear, embrace your own light, it is all yours to love! Come and let us move beyond the outward lines eyes see, it is but illusion, Ruh (as) weaves our connectedness without any interruption… and time stands still…

© 2008 Aïda Touré

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