Education System Mis-educates

Timbuktu-manuThe current educative system allows no opportunity for children to reach their full potential as it is based upon materialistic, inconsistent values which are irrelevant to the whole purpose of experiencing this temporary world, all its diversity and the understanding, wisdom we are to gain as individualized souls.

In a controlled environment, students are regimented, trained to conform to illusory standards which distract and fragment their God-given intelligence and to just absorb and later on regurgitate some state-validated and sometimes falsified information which furthers the expansion of a flimsy system. Promoting conformity to such deliberate miseducation under the excuse that it is a vehicle for success, financial gain, social status and other similar values immensely interferes with mankind’s advancement.

At a young age, pupils are thus conditioned to cultivate a robotlike stance which is one of the requirements for recruitment by a system that seems to strictly need “automatons” for its efficient functioning. Is the aim of such systematization to mis-educate the youth, to stifle their individuality and in the process to spiritually bankrupt them so that they would blindly be subservient and prone to perpetuate the same alienating, unlawful system as they grow into adulthood?

Unfortunately students who display difficulty in adjusting to such anti-soul structures are spotted early and most likely to be “re-orientated” toward institutions for the “less intelligent” whereas all these children are experiencing is just the soul’s way of protecting its intelligence from alienation and of expressing its inborn impulse to be whole, to grow and to be harmonious.

The human soul is a well of precious resources with divine purpose which needs to be explored, encouraged and cherished and not the opposite where the most noble attributes are quickly suppressed and aborted by rhetoricians who knowingly and unknowingly perpetuate narrow-mindedness in educative institutions.

Futhermore, while diversity is a phenomenon that pervades the entire Universe, materialists have managed to exclude it from the schools programs! Exposure to the cultural diversity that characterizes mankind is very much necessary for our collective balance as it nurtures our capacity for relating and for creating tolerance where there is difference.

Depriving students of diversity and imposing but the Eurocentric perspective upon their young minds academic year after year is an anti-evolution practice as it severely affects their inner sense of identity and therefore inferiorizes them. The world was endowed with many beautiful, different cultures which have contributed to bringing civilization and prosperity to both hemispheres of the planet yet curiously only the Eurocentric cultural perspective continues to be dominantly taught in schools; this may be rooted in its centuries-old myth of superiority over the others.

© 2006 Aïda Touré

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