blisscosmosExistence is an ever-gathering of dancy emotions. All that we see, all that we are, is an externalization of emotions which drive our movements, our gestures, our gaze, our face’s expressions, our works. Emotions are a powerful dynamic in our lives and there is no confine to that dimension of our being: we can slowly open to the vastness stored within, to the beyondness of our being.

As the unfolding of our lives mirrors our emotions, it is important to individually work at clarifying, deepening our inner life and to celebrate our feeling nature for, in doing such a precious work, we contribute to the establishment of Heaven on Earth, as Above so below.

Why are human beings drawn to Art? It is because it moves them, it awakens fine emotions in them that were still dormant and the experience of this unknown, innermost region of their being brings them a sense of joy and belonging. The quest for such experiences is always present in us as long as there is breath in our bodies. When Art is sublime, it seduces the souls of fine feeling as they blossom during any occasion to explore the vertiginous depths of their sensitivity; those sacred moments re-introduce them to their true nature.

Unfortunately society tends to suppress the expression of emotions, especially in boys who grow up to become men who terribly dread the whole spectrum of their own depth as human souls so how could they embrace and celebrate the depth of their mates and seeds? In truth, emotions pertain to the breathing of the soul and this transcends genders. Our growth is rendered difficult when we are not in tune with our emotions which are but catalysts to the higher life, they are invitations for the soul to exude her calm exuberance.

© 2006 Aïda Touré

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