Enlightened Beings

Prelude to Majesty © 2012 Aida Toure'
Prelude to Majesty © 2012 Aida Toure’

In all nations, there exists rare enlightened beings who serve The Highest Cause. Those people in spite of variety of traditions, cultures, religions all have something in common: they dedicate their lives to the advancement of mankind and face the tribulations which can arise when the human soul walks such an unusual, luminous Path.

Such blessed beings transmigrate to the Earth at different times, regions according to the Will of The Creator. The revelation of their work and activities manifests to them with the utmost power, and when it does, it cannot be fought. Any human soul who offers his/her contribution with such light as the foundation of the mission must be prepared to endure some type of unjust treatment from those who have contempt for evolution, divine order and The All-Encompassing One who bestows specific rights to all created beings.

There is a form of loving comfort, of spiritual generosity that accompanies the existence of such dedicated souls and what they bring forth, thus an unquestionable sense of familiarity is created around the truth they expose as we all come from The Truth, its vibrations are inherent to our being so it cannot be denied; sooner or later it resonates within us.

The existence of such beings helps alleviate the chaotic, systemic practices that curb (through mis-education, self-appointed “authorities”, the medias, all instruments for promotion of corruption) the natural human inclination toward Truth, Freedom, Peace and Light.

The masses who are so susceptible to be preyed upon and misled through illusory standards, are the force that enlightened beings desire to nurture, encourage and serve. That same majority, individually and collectively has great power to establish our world’s alignment with Harmony, Light, Justice and Love: throughout centuries, it’s this essential message that the devoted servants of The Most High all over the globe have striven to re-instill in us.

© 2008 Aida Toure

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