There is a dimension of our being that is generous in beauty, knowledge, wisdom, compassion and such similar qualities. This innate dimension unfolds with the events of our lives, we either acknowledge this octave of being or we do not. When we don’t, we miss out on knowing suppleness, amplitude, even latitude of mind.

The more cultured, or intellectualized we are in the conventional sense, the more room there is within us to be dusted and peeled of the pride that often comes with mundane “accomplishments” such as academic knowledge, “respectable” social status… Because of this numbing pride, we lose the innate, subtle, spiritual intelligence that would allow us to know our true Identity, all its resourcefulness and our sense of relating to the common human experience.

Without any humility how could our prejudices dissolve? The unlawful wars and conflicts that have plagued our world throughout history are caused by prejudice and the complex of superiority prejudiced people have. This prejudice urges the sentiment of imperialism in them which in time can only justify and heighten their ego impulse to dominate, exploit or even destroy that which is different from them.

Authentic power comes from the capacity to leap out of our narrow self to know the Heart which brings true wealth, abundance to our life. In due time, this Heart teaches us that there is an octave of Understanding that no degree, status, nor academic training can ever give. Tolerance, spiritual openness and generosity are signs of inner flirting with this Understanding which is true intelligence.

We are, we learn, we accomplish and we move by the grace of the Divine only yet we fail such remembrance and the unfortunate events of our world reflect it.

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