bleuteefleuriiieThe world as an institution thrives off of corrupt principles which interfere with the human soul’s authentic Freedom. That Freedom is a station of existence where the Divine Rights of all men are respected and honored. The ultimate manifestation of this Freedom would be reflected in the observance of the Divine Law on Earth.

This sacred Freedom is a decree which comes from the Source of Life and Love, and despite its rejection in our dimension it can always be experienced in the innermost being of men. No external source such as earthly institutions, material accumulation nor formal education can ever bestow this spiritual state of Freedom which in itself is an attribute of the soul.

Because we live in a world where the dominant system reposes more and more upon fear, miseducation, exploitation and disempowerment of human souls, the right to this Freedom gets severely violated and the masses who represent the base of propulsion for the elitist corrupt reign, grow powerless and helpless in such difficult circumstances. Those states of helplessness could be viewed as a sign that the majority has yielded their power to usurping forces yet this misfortune can always be reversed by harmonizing the consciousness with The Truth that created it and that regulates the Universe in its entirety.

Freedom is an innate and inner reality that should be inwardly fought for and once re-acquired, it should be preserved as its natural course operates to establish The Most High’s Sovereignty in all dimensions.

© 2007 Aïda Touré

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