Glorification of Mediocrity

Nowadays human souls are consistently bombarded with messages that encourage them to manifest mediocrity in all fields they choose to pursue. The condition for “success” in mundane terms depends upon the mind’s willingness to be subjected to mediocrity, to accept it and eventually to display traits and expressions that reflect our subtle contentment with mediocrity. Once the mind sinks to this low degree of expression, it is rewarded by entities who package mediocrity and redefine it as “excellence”; naturally those entities seem to oppose the higher nature in men and the Law which obliges its powerful aspirations.

This widespread tendency to glorify the cultivation of mediocrity is manifest in mainstream, “cultural” expressions which are publicized all over the globe. Those expressions of vulgar, poor quality are carefully selected and channeled through the media: dynamic persons are specifically trained to convince the masses for consumption of those “arts” that efficiently impose and perpetuate the cycle of ignorance and falsehood upon the minds of men.

The overall effect of this unfortunate phenomenon can be devastating as our works have the potential to either uplift others and thus honor their higher nature or to subdue their innermost, luminous being with energies that feed their lower nature. Of course at this point, works of the latter kind dominate our dimension.

The journey in this world is an opportunity for evolution toward love and wisdom therefore if we are concerned about our individual and collective well-being, we should be discerning about the quality of the vibrations we expose our delicate, precious minds to.

Coincidently, there are so many talented beings whose rich, refined craft is developed in environments that the global system excludes from all rights to prosperity. In reality, the geniuses which permeate such underpriveleged environments nourishes the thriving elite on all levels, so why deprive our world of the opportunity to experience the creative sparks the elite leeches of?

© 2007 Aida Toure