Holiness of Breath

breathThe way to knowing oneself is through conscious breathing which eventually externalizes the true disposition and activities of the soul until the intellect reflects its Essence and spirituality. The currents that circulate through respiration are a manifestation of Ruh, the Spirit of The Divine who, concerning man, said to the angels: “When I have fashioned him and breathed of My Spirit unto him, fall ye prostrate before him.” (15:29 Qur’an). In this verse, The Creator reveals He breathed of His Spirit unto us therefore if we want to experience our full potential and know The Hidden Treasure it is essential to breathe properly.

The Spirit of God pervades us yet we are easily robbed of this reality which can bring the utmost blessings when acknowledged. Ironically the unnatural systematization usurping forces impose on us is founded on excessive materialism, control and overactivity which all accelerate the natural rhythmic breathing of men and his spiritual demise which in turn deprives him of his innate right to knowing himself and his Creator. For this reason man must reclaim freedom of his own being and life for he spends his lifetime serving forces that didn’t even create him and which suffocate his higher nature in order to better exploit the precious life bestowed upon him by his Creator solely.

Therefore we must ask ourselves of what account is life if we do not fulfill our purpose nor even consider the development of our highest potential? When we go through life with our intelligence numbed by widespread yet poisonous standards we fail to honor the Breath which has its own Truth to reveal to us. Despite the narrowness of man-made systems enforced on us, we must make an effort to expand ourselves and consciously breathe as the breath is our way to knowing the divine system and The Most High.

© 2009 Aïda Touré

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