Inner Palace

Our inner palace is the space which unfolds after we have conquered our ego and all its turbulence. It is the hidden palace where only The Divine Presence reigns to guide us toward the accomplishment of our appointed, individual tasks in this life.

Developing sensitivity to this inner reality introduces us to a journey filled with challenges yet the beauty which progressively springs out from this honorable endeavor leaves the mouth sealed in blissful silence.

Thus, if we aspire to know completeness it is necessary for us to dedicate some time to awakening ourselves to The Divine Presence for, love and surrender to It is the ultimate purpose of our existence. Our achievements, successes, relationships and deeds as human souls are very much determined by our willingness and ability to surrender to The Divine One.

Wise are those who humbly work at harmonizing themselves with The Majestic Being for fulfillment on all levels can only sprout from this cultivation of egolessness which is the secret key to all treasures of existence.

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