Intimacy and its Continuity


The state of being results from Longing: we are because we longed and continue to long. Our very breath is a sign of this Longing which softly pulls us to interaction with the currents constituting our being. There’s a perpetual intertwining, a sacred intimacy that occurs amidst the state of being. Our thoughts, the actions that result from them are also a sign of the intimacy that alivens us.

Speech too is an outward consequence of that intimacy which takes place inside us. Sound, colors are all reflections of that intimacy as well. All phenomena manifest out of this continuous intimacy that touches all living beings and things, animate and inanimate.

There’s a universal chemistry that permeates existence, a love ever unfolding within and without us whether we are aware of it or not. When the soul strives to be in tune with her Source and Its attributes, she becomes a clear mirror of that cosmic intimacy which brings the utmost joy to its subject and to all those s/he encounters.

The first step toward conscious participation to this sacred intimacy is to learn to appreciate Subtlety. Quieting our inner world and listening to our Breath is one way to realize this. With faith, dedication and patience, we naturally become a devoted soul-lover that dances in and out and through this mysterious intimacy that moved the ancient great souls to Illumination.

© 2008 Touré Aïda

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