Love © 2011 Aïda Touré

Love is the force which unites, which harmonizes, molds and encourages growth; it is the most important manifestation in our existence for love is what drives our soul to celebrate the buoyancy of mercy and to bow before its Source. He whose soul evolves in a state of prostration before God loves all and is a friend to all for he understands the Essence of others as being his own. Such a soul is endowed with compassion, kindness and profound gentleness.

Love is the energy which manifests itself as the light we see in the Sun, it animates and sustains all of the unseen and seen, it is always at work regardless of circumstances. We can visualize the mysteries of Love in the Moon’s glitter, in the colors of Nature, in a mother’s eyes as she cares for her infant, Love permeates all as it binds all atoms in harmony and tranquility with a wisdom we cannot fathom.

There are infinite expressions of Love, and its quality varies according to the clarity of the consciousness it traverses. Therefore our capacity to perceive, receive and give Love depends on the pristineness of our hearts.

© 2007 Aïda Touré

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