Mapanes’ Nobleness

Mapane is a Gabonese expression that could be translated as “the Ghetto”: it is where the excluded, oppressed population lives. Yes Mapanes are found everywhere on this globe and as History has shown, the mapanes are an inexhaustible reservoir of light the elite leeches off.

The Mapanes nestle brilliant beings who are emerging more and more to tell their own story about how imperialists oppressed their royal ancestors which culminated in the installation of usurpers in power.

The system formerly established by the righteous who were leading in past times then got replaced by the corrupt one that plagues most of the First World (“1/3 World” for the politically correct) nations to this day.

Throughout this humongous usurpation, the corrupt have been using all means to push the righteous in the mapanes which consequently became the dwelling place of the spiritually Noble.

Through the diverse fields they excell in, those wronged souls have much to share with us about the true version of their History so in due time inshAllah, I will introduce some of the Mapane geniuses as they reclaim their throne.

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