Materialism has caused such confusion and chaos in society! It has handicapped the cultivation of men’s deepest potential and therefore it has anesthetized the soul. All theories developed from that belief of materialism were advanced by those who have rebelled against the Creator. We can find the ill-intended works of those misguided beings in all fields including sciences, philosophy, arts and academics …

For them, the great manifestation of life and the perfect order of the Universe all resulted from “pure coincidence”. Once the existence and design of The Divine Being who created and rules the entire Universe is denied, it becomes okay for any usurping “influential” entity to spread doctrines and ideologies that will establish illegal systems that demean, stifle, desecrate and exploit life. It also then becomes justifiable for mankind to not strive to be in touch with the divinely-breathed Spirit in them since the theories of materialism suggest they are of ape/monkey ancestry thus of a mere species of “animals that evolved into the human species”. This theory of evolution from one species to another is a myth.

The damage caused by these false perpetuated theories is serious for when men are distracted from their natural position of representatives of The Divine on Earth, they are reduced to being mere objects used to accommodate usurpers in their plans with all the evils that it entails. All the atrocities that have occured in this age have been nurtured at some point by the widespread belief of materialism upon which many instutitions were founded and continue to “thrive” of.

The lack of encouragement toward cultivation of more spiritual values and Intelligence is deliberate for such endeavors empower men and turn them toward recognition of The Divine as sole Authority who from the Beginning has bestowed great freedom, specific laws, abundance and power to men: the very rights perpetrators of false systems dread to see applied by men whom they consider as their subjects. Picture mankind forsaking surrender to unlawful systems and thus reclaiming observance of the divine system prescribed by The Creator … What usurpers whose reign revolves around global domination want that?

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