The body of Nature is an expansion of us, it surrounds our entire journey on Earth as it mirrors aspects of our being we must discover as we experience life. Everywhere in Nature, there are audible and visible signs meant to stir in us the remembrance of our soul’s position before her Creator, her innate Islam.

Nature emanates a secret language that only the inner ear can decipher as that language constantly reveals the perfect purpose behind manifestation. Nature in itself compares to a Book of Revelations which is being written right before our eyes while all elements it contains sing in their own unique way the Praises of The Majestic Being.

All atoms of Nature have some purpose to contribute to the evolution of men, for this reason materialists should learn to revere Nature and all of Creation instead of abusing it and vainly attempting to tame it. The effects of such abuse on Nature can only generate great plagues on us in return.

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