Perception of multiplicity characterizes our experience on Earth yet in the varied manifestations of the Creation, there’s a great opportunity for us to hone discernment, wisdom and ultimately this awakens us to the subtle Unity that pervades differentiations on all levels of our lives.

In terms of religions, different factors dictate our penchant for the Path we follow which in itself is but another chance to experience multiplicity. Therefore we shouldn’t impose our individual choice of religion or spiritual Way upon others as the Qur’an stresses: (“Let there be no compulsion in religion” ~2: 256 Qur’an).

We can naturally invite others to the beauty of our Path by our righteous behavior, our patience, our compassion, our kind speech and actions which are all mirrors of inner balance, harmony and complete surrender to The Unique.

The human intellect is endowed with a limited understanding of what The Creator is, therefore we should remember that there’s a difference between the authentic purpose of religions and the interpretations and falsifications made by men. We shouldn’t blame the wrong actions of certain individuals who hanker for power upon the religions they claim to follow nor upon their Prophets (pbut). Throughout history, usurping systems, institutions and individuals have used their distorted interpretations of religions just to exploit, manipulate, to commit atrocities upon the masses yet the ill intentions of these misguided beings shouldn’t be blamed upon authentic religions themselves. Their lowly acts actually have nothing to do with any religion, they merely are a reflection of the sickness in their hearts.

In essence all monotheistic religions revolve around surrender to The Creator. All prophets (pbut) revealed the same spiritual message which invites the human soul to her original disposition, grace, purpose and cultivation of love for her Creator during her experience of multiplicity on Earth.

Religions and their Holy Scriptures as revealed to us by the Prophets (pbut) descended on earth to help us prosper in all the dimensions our souls touch, they were meant to show us how to attain the Hidden Treasure, now and in the Hereafter. The purpose of religions is to sustain higher knowledge within the human soul. That was the reason for the coming of prophets (pbut), they were archetypes for mankind to realize that our evolution is structured by specific spiritual laws and that the observance of these laws is the natural state of the soul.

© 2008 Aida Toure’

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