Poetry and Soul

Poetry is incidental to the unfolding soul’s motions. The more surrendered the soul, the deeper her expression makes one dance within. In mystical poetry, words are the soul of the poet, assuming a different prostration to Allah (swt) with each letter. For this reason, the energy of poetry is what truly matters as it dictates the stations the reader goes through while experiencing poetry.

I do not believe in an academic approach to Art which is sacred in my eyes. I am convinced that we all are students to some Cosmic “School” whose standards are perfectly suited to invite the soul to manifest her genius: our earthly education system does the exact opposite, it stifles genius. Abiding thus by the soul’s authentic inclination for transcendence allows one to not only leave the excessive materialist frequency of conventional education behind (if necessary) but it also allows one to leave one’s self too… and how gifted and graceful becomes the one who has gotten rid of the ego! Her/his third ear opens to all the subtleties that whisper through the Universe and as well as through the human body.

The outcome of this phenomenon is Creativity and eventually inshAllah creations which in turn stir the soul of humankind to Love and Grace. How to know when we come across such creations? Well, there are simple external signs we all have in common when we encounter artistic Generosity: we become subjects to sentiments of fulfillment, joy, and reverence. Upon experiencing certain Arts (whether it is Poetry, Fine Arts, Music, Pottery …etc…) that deeply move me I feel Home anew and the feeling is it!

© 2009 Aïda Touré