Prophets’ Footprints

prophets_footprints_AidaToureThe soul innately journeys through form, like Ruh (as) Herself circulates through the worlds. All that exists has a mysterious glorious Purpose; phenomena upon phenomena, existence by excellence is one where the soul can freely be and flow the Way Allah (swt) intended it to.

Belonging to a divine system that encompasses all the confusion of materiality is the greatest grace bestowed upon us, we are that precious. But for that preciousness to come to expression, it needs Love just like flowers need the Love of Watering and Light in order to grow and wear their fragrance.

Thus we should let our inner Water run and be wild in the way we give love as Love itself gives impartially, we should be the innate majesty of our soul: we all were born in Surrender/Islam, some get numb to it for a little while and then eventually return to it inshAllah, this is why the Prophets (as) footprints blessed the Earth… Therefore the command “READ” (96: 1 Qur’an) that Allah (swt) transmitted to Prophet Muhammad (saw) is addressed to us as well. That READING is the journey to Illumination/Enlightenment, the way to the lifting of the Veil… Once it manifests, the soul has the responsibility to just exist in the holy Octave of Kun/BE. We should not wait until separation from the body unveils the true Reality, we must welcome our selves to Healing and Wholeness now, we should reclaim our innate grace now.

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© 2006 Aida Toure

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