The Universe, all life it contains were created to fulfill a purpose. He who is on a quest for his soul’s purpose should work at completely surrendering his love and his being to The Creator for once surrendered to The Cause behind all, our reason of being is progressively revealed to us inshAllah. The revelation of our purpose is an ever-unfolding process which seems to occur with a perfection that leaves the human intellect puzzled.

Our purpose is what fuels the soul’s natural inclination toward certain activities which bring us a sense of deep fulfillment, satisfaction and peace. Our purpose is stored in our soul, it’s triggered by hardships, directed by Love and is rooted in a desire to selflessly contribute to some form of evolution.

Because the purpose is a covenant between the soul and her Creator, it’s wiser to work at fulfilling it regardless of worldly standards. Human beings are encouraged to lose themselves in calculations and futile gain whereas their soul has a particular, urgent work to do before she returns to her Majesty.

Now would be the time to consider the disappointment we might face once the veil of illusion is lifted and we realize our failure to discern the order of our priorities.

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