Silence: Love: Egolessness

Silence is holy, it is the cradle to the most intense form of activity: Love. Silence is a sign that one’s ego has been tamed and that one has met the exquisite company of his/her soul. Once we taste this company, we start to live life with purpose and spiritual intelligence: our actions, our speech and gestures reflect it too.

There are ascendant qualities which are conveyed through the silence of our breath, thus instilled by the Divine; letting these subtle qualities and gifts sleep in us without striving to manifest them is what the usurping man-made systems encourage us to do, why? Because allowing these qualities to remain inert implies dis-empowerment, diminution of the human light which consequently makes us prone to subservience to usurping forces that manifest through fear, anger, restlessness.

Everyone possesses something luminous in them that longs to outwardly participate to the harmony of the Universe. In order for this luminousness to be known to us, we need stillness, silence, the condition for it to freely flow out of our selves for the benefit of the collectivity that longs to experience it too, we are one another lanterns. Only suffering can trigger the humility necessary to turn us inward and to finally introduce us to the music of Silence, every soul secretly aspires to wander its colors. Be still and silent.

“Die before you die”
~Prophet Muhammad (saw)

© 2007  Aïda Touré

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