The Cosmos sobs in its own drunkenness with Love, the Moon there tenderly gazes and the stars in a loud laughter let out billions of pearls for the finely attuned hearts who pick them up, each, with their forehead kissing the ground like the beloved nobodies they really are. You long to be rich? Then emulate those precious ones! With such constant beauty at our disposal how could we waste energy and breath in the ego’s ruining demands? Have you listened to your pulse today mmh? Have you stopped to hear its mingling with Ruh (as) mmh? Lo! Here it goes again: “Have you unselved in this abundance Allah (swt) has bestowed upon you?…” You hear this, pay attention it’s not finished! “…I’d rather mind these all-directions-going-round-dervishes slipping in and out of worlds, ecstatic in their praises of His Kind Majesty. Leave me alone my love! Do not bother my wretched self with matters of this prison-world, I want no part of it, I have Love to tend to and besides to Him shall we all Return.”

Suddenly I long to sit by the silent ones…

© 2007 Aïda Touré

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