love_gift_3a-bWhen the feminine and masculine principles harmoniously relate and come together naturally, without any of them exerting the energies of force, possessiveness nor control, they have the opportunity to experience the fluidity of balance and to thus experience divine Love. As our consciousness (Taqwah) of the Divine grows, so our capacity to give/receive Love in the healthiest ways.

This sacred approach to Union is observed by those who have acquired a more spiritual understanding of life, it takes egolessness to reach such a state of understanding and to apply it on a daily basis. Wherever the ego dominates, it’s certain that the interfering energies like control, fear, possessiveness, force will be present therefore as long as these tendencies are pronounced, a healing, deeper Love cannot manifest as such a Love only finds expression between two whole souls (of integrity) who have overcome fragmentation, the result of external conditioning based on illusion. These two souls have become conscious channels for the subtle, higher Flow of existence that transcends all materiality with all its superficial considerations~

The inner work on self bears its fruits best in the context of relationships that act as a mirror to the soul’s splendor and challenges yet known and unknown to us. Once we patiently work on ourselves, mastering our ego, we become aware of our personal issues that can be resolved as they impede the quality of our Love experience. This process creates the necessary space for reception of the Gift which is Love. This profound Love is liberating, comforting as it activates our full potential and helps us become even more conscious of the Divine Source of all Gifts.

© 2015 Aïda Touré