Union: Woman and Men

nuriThe continuation of the Creation results from the feminine and masculine principles relentless interactions. From the intertwining of these two principles, the soul is moved to reveal its potential and to thus bring its gifts to the world.

The union of women and men mirrors the same sacred purpose: we are pulled toward one another to discover the wholeness of our respective souls and Love is a catalyst to that discovery as it softens yet fortify us while it encourages our innermost, spiritual disposition.

As we are engrossed in matter and its demands, we develop the tendency to be disconnected from our Essence. That disconnection creates a great malaise in us, a dis-ease which affects the quality of our exchanges with other beings: we end up pursuing Love with the energy of fear, with dense layers of coverings around our hearts which renders our existence even more difficult and draining.

The union between women and men was meant to open us up to our dormant nature, our higher being and thus introduce us to greater peace for true Love is calm, it doesn’t seek gain nor self-gratification nor control but rather humbly desires to give and to honor another’s growth.

Unfortunately as we adapt to the misleading standards of this age, we develop an erroneous conception of Love to the point where we actually shun its true attributes: truth, patience, egolessness, purity, compassion, and all its ascending beauty. Once we embrace this degrading perspective of Love, we actually dishonor, hurt and deceive one another, tearing apart one another’s sacred inner worlds.

We need to readjust our conception of Love if we truly desire to know the potential glory that can spring from women and men’s union.

© 2006 Aïda Touré

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