Unlawful Systematization

Man-made systematizations which are based upon unlawfulness are the greatest misfortunes of our world for their functioning has aimed at safeguarding the interests of an elite at the expense of the masses for centuries.

These illegal systematizations which repose upon greed, fear and control invite the worst instincts in human nature and therefore they abase our innate, higher potential and consequently apathize humanity. These systematizations are at the root of countless atrocities which have affected the entire planet over the centuries.

The way to resolve all the plagues created by these harmful systematizations would be to individually attune our lives to the Divine Perfect Order which governs the vast Universe. We should work at raising our consciousness and abide by the Divine Law for in truth, no man was born to be exploited nor to be subservient to any self-appointed earthly authority which openly disregards the equality and wellfare of humanity.

If we must enrich and better our existence as a people and blossom in the true position of representatives of God on Earth, it’s imperative that we understand our divine rights as revealed to us by the Prophets (alayhumsalam) and that we consequently learn to transcend the usurping authorities which interfere with our collective evolution and leech off of the human spirit and his God-given energy.

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