Nocturnal Light – book of mystical poetry –

Nocturnal Light (117 pages) 

Devoted lovers-servants scarcely sleep at night. In adoration, they prostrate with immense grace before the majesty of the Beloved. Nocturnal Light gathers Sufi poems which echo the heart’s songs of those lovers who remain awake in vertiginous states of selflessness. Through the sweetness of Zikr, Remembrance of God, they dance to the Word’s tender energy and escape themselves to embrace the greater becoming.






The Sublilme Sphere – book of mystical poetry –

The Sublime Sphere (172 pages)

In the rich properties of Love, we all grow with the noble purpose to witness the birthing our dormant yet highest qualities.

The Sublime Sphere is the region where that innermost growth occurs. Its calm poetry attempts to capture the fathomless tenderness which inundates the souls who experience the ecstasies of surrender to The Most Loving.






Unmanifest Poems – Book of mystical of poems –

Unmanifest Poems (152 pages)


Unmanifest Poems is a collection of poems celebrating the wisdom, beauty and perfect mathematics of the Universe. It is a tribute to the pulsating Light humanity mysteriously fuses into once we overcome our self-inflicted limitations.